World Fuel Services Offers Various Solutions to Meet Your Lubricant Needs

Whether you are operating a ship, a plane, or a truck we offer the right solution to meet your particular lubricant needs.

Is your heavy-duty equipment and machinery operating at its optimum capacity?

The lubricants business is complicated. Tons of skews, changes in regulations, OEM requirements, and shifting technologies make it very difficult to stay on top of which lubricants are best suited for your shop, site or fleet operation. Fortunately, World Fuel Services not only offers access to the best brands, we offer teams of local experts trained to ensure you install the right product, at the right price, and for the right application. At the end of the day, it is about keeping your business machinery and engines operating at peak performance. With World Fuel Services expertise and full line of lubricants, oils and coolants … consider it done.

Higher quality lubricants are known to reduce ongoing maintenance and operational costs and increase the longevity of your fleet equipment.

Premium Lubricants Brands We Carry
  • Shell / Pennzoil
  • ExxonMobil
  • Phillips 66 / Kendall
  • Castrol
  • Chevron / Havoline
  • Motorcraft
Lubricant Products and Services
  • Lubricants in bulk, drums, kegs, and cases.
  • Hydraulic fluids, greases, and additives
  • Specialized site management
  • Industry expertise
  • Oil monitoring service
Product Data Sheets & MSDS
  • Get the specifications and details on any lubricant product. 
  • Search our online database of product data sheets and MSDS.
  • Get the specifications and details on any lubricant product.

Industries We Support

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Operate more efficiently with the right lubricants for every application

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We offer premium quality, competitively priced lubricants, oils, and greases accompanied by world-class technical expertise.

Listen to what our customers are saying:

Portrait of a handsome young man in the city“I’m content because I don't have to research other lubricant suppliers; we’re being offered good service with local delivery.”

“With all the different vehicles and lubricants out there, it is very important to use the correct products. I am confident that we are getting the correct product.”

“I feel confident because I know the company backs up its lubricants with quality testing.”

“I feel satisfied knowing that our farming operation is using a quality lubricant.”

“I have yet to be pressured into stocking lubricants I don’t use or need.”